Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fully Funded

I know many people have probably wondered why I would want to go somewhere else this summer. But after Nicaragua there wasn’t any question to me that Nicaragua was going to be the end of my mission trips. On the car ride back home after Nicaragua I was already looking at trips for this summer. Through months of praying God has led me to Uganda, Africa for 23 days this summer! When I first signed up to go my dad told me he thought it was a lovely idea for me to want to go, but in reality it was going to be nearly impossible to get over $4,000 to go. (He’s such a realist.) Shortly after I was accepted I once again started fund raising, and at some moments I feel like I have begged a little, but all the same I have seen God work in ways I never could have imagine.  First, after months of looking for a job, and 18 applications later God provided me with a job where I get far more than enough hours! Which means more money for Uganda! I sold shirts, which I ended up selling 40 making around $500 off of them. And then there were also pure donations. It has been incredible seeing how God has provided once again! With one month and 20 days left until I fly out, I have all my money, plus the money needed to fly Georgia, and money for the necessary shots I need to be able to enter the country!

I would like to thank every single person who has made this possible for me to go! I feel honored that God has called me again to go! 

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